WASLLS Parts Automotive is a supplier of BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes parts. Its range of over 5.000 articles basically focuses on exterior and interior trim parts, electrical spare parts, engine parts, oil coolers, headlights and headlight glasses. This portfolio is subdivided into a huge range of product groups.

WASLLS Parts Automotive intends to develop its visibility in international markets via new business relationships built on trust, productivity and innovation. Upon your request, we can provide you a more detailed catalogue of products that might be of your interest. Please, contact us for detailed information.

Supply Information : Vehicle Accessories, Auto Lighting System, Engine Assembly, Auto Switches, Car Alternator, Other Auto Parts, OEM & Used car parts, High Quality, Wide range of product types, Wholesale / Retail (depending on the product type), Compatible for BMW & Mercedes & Land Rover

Which products can I find in Waslls Parts Otomotiv ?

Engine parts, Car parts and accessories, Automotive body parts, Automotive inner fittings, Electrical car systems, Headlamp, Headlamp glass, Headlamp cover, Ecu board, Xenon balast, Xenon lamp, Door switch, Mirror, Air filter box, Headlamp washer, Air shock absorber, Eas compressor, Window regulator, Thermostat, Water pump, Camshaft, Oil pan & cooler, Fuel pump & assembly, Brake sensor, Brake cable, Brake disc, Brake caliper, Drive shaft, Air suspension compressor pump, Valve steering rack, Shock absorber, Control Arm, Diesel fuel pump, Valve timing solenoid, Ac compressor, Air conditioning radiator, Ignition coil, Evaporator, Steering pump, Turbocharger, Alternator, Crankshaft belt pulley, Air flow sensor, Fuel pressure sensor, Wheel bearing, Starter, Fan cover. For detailed information, you can review the brand and its affiliated products...

Which payment options are available to me ?

Below are the payment options you can use for your purchases.
Payment Options :

    • Pay by cash or credit card from our stores or branches.
    • Pay by Remittance or EFT ( You can contact us for bank IBAN information. )

Remittance / EFT How much do I pay shipping costs ?

    • Up to 1000 TL Orders: 25,00 TL.
    • 1000 TL. and above orders : Free Shipping

Can I receive my order at your store?

Yes, definitely. You can take delivery from our store or branches. You can contact us.